I am Guy Phenix,
A researcher in BBC learning. I am from Northern Ireland
but now
living in Glasgow.
Will be blogging about faith, books, films, photography, work,
design and a few rants.
  • photojojo:

    Back in the 1970s, lumber companies hired reforestation teams to replant trees in areas that had been decimated by logging.

    Nahanni Arntzen’s parents worked in one of these camps, and her father captured over 500 Kodachrome photographs of the experience. Currently, she’s seeking funding on Kickstarter to publish a book of these unseen beauties!

    Kodachrome Photos Taken by 1970s Reforestation Teams

    via Cool Hunting

    Amazing archive

  • jimllpaintit:

    Could you paint Rosie and Jim on The Old Ragdoll being hijacked by Somali pirates?

    Jane Sayer

    So much childhood ruined.

  • This fella needed a bit of quiet time after we watched Inside Llewyn Davis last night #whathappensthecat? #wheredidhego? #vsco #vscocam

  • photojojo:

    New York City-based photographer Dane Shitagi is not keen on being cooped up in his studio.

    In his ongoing photo series of ballet dancers, Dane brings his craft to the streets, giving his images a uniquely urban quality.

    NYC Photographer Captures Ballet Dancers in the Streets

    via Free York

    Beautiful stuff.

  • What a great cover. About to start into this, should be an interesting read. #vscocam #cslewis #book